Claiming damage to solar panels

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You may have contracted directly with the installation company (for example if you are the owner of a detached house) or you may have installed solar panels in your building in a defective way and they do not work properly, in any case you can claim against the installation company for the contract you signed or you can claim those damages in the period established by the LOE to claim the defects of those solar panels;

Incorrectly installed solar panels

The problems that can result from a bad installation of solar panels can be varied. That the batteries discharge quickly, that they do not charge despite receiving many hours of sunshine, that the panels are not well anchored and can become detached, that the angle of installation is not correct, that the light often goes out… that there are shady spots etc… inform yourself if you want to denounce those responsible.

Time to claim for bad installation of solar panels in homes

There is a legal guarantee period of 3 years from the reception of the work (when the work is officially finished) to claim for this type of damage according to the Ley de Ordenación de la Edificación; If it is a question of claiming not for the time limits of that specific law against the constructive participants, but for the responsibility of that contracted company (and the contracting company that they signed), it has about 5 years according to the Civil Code;



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